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Desert Lynx Cats

IPCBA Registered

The Bobcat is the foundation cat for the Desert Lynx cat breed. The first and subsequent generations derived from the breeding of a Bobcat to a IDLCA approved domestic cat is recognized as a domestic Desert Lynx cat. The International Progressive Cat Breeders' Alliance 'IPCBA' was the first international all-breed registry to recognize them as an established domestic breed, making the breed eligible for Championship competition. The International Desert Lynx Cat Association, 'IDLCA' was the first Desert Lynx cat association. The IDLCA has total control of the Desert Lynx breed in IPCBA

Sahara and Mojavi

Having bred dogs and horses for many
years, I used that knowledge to breed
Desert Lynx cats. I have always loved
the temperament of the native feral
Manx and Maine Coon type cats, but
love the look of the native American
Bobcat. We live with our dogs and
cats in our home and
barns, so having
a bobcat would not be a smart choice.

Our breeding goals are: genetic health, and
personality first, big size and clear, distinctive
spots second, along with ear tuffs and natural
bob tails. Our cats are more like dogs...they
come when called, follow us around inside
and outside the house, they even play "fetch."
They are very affectionate / people loving cats.
Our kittens are hand raised and enjoy dogs.
Sahara at 6 weeks old.       Blonde/Copper/Ebony Leopard

"Lion" at 2 yrs old
Copper Leopard, one of our Desert Lynx stud cats

We have used some of the best bloodlines (we feel) in Pixie Bobs, American Bobtails, and American Lynx to create what we think is the best of the Desert Lynx breed. Some can be double registered.
We usually have several litters a year, with
colors ranging from snow leopards, copper
leopards, blue leopards, charcoal leopards,
ebony leopards, with occasional polydactals,
long hairs, and marbles. Our prices: $400 and
up. We have older kittens and cats available
from time to time.

"Tika" Snow Leopard queen and litter. Always lots of loving, friendly, large spotted kittens available. $400 and up






"Big Bob" one of our breeding males.
Double Registered, American Bobtail, American Lynx.
Bob is the foundation
lines for the European Lynx Breed in
France and now the Netherlands.

"Bobkats Burning Bright" 25 lb Male
They call me "Bad Bob", I look tuff,
but I am really just a big pussy cat.

You don't need a license to own a
Desert Lynx cat. They eat regular
cat food. Ours are raised on "Iams"
but any good cat food will do.
We are
pleased to find other breeders and
registries with similar goals who love
these cats as much as we do. This
spotted bobtailed type breed is
becoming very popular around
the world. We ship world wide.

Ebony leopard, silver leopard, blue leopard

Short hair ebony leopard female

Silver ebony leopard, long hair female

"Khan" When he was 5 months old,
Silver blue marble polydactal breeding male, on far right

Ebony and silver marble breeding male (Photo at 2 1/2 years)

Thor at six mos old, Chocolate leopard long hair,
Up and coming breeding male

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